..er...spring? hello?

 After huffing and puffing my way through what must have been a trully hilarious
teachers vs Gr7 girls netball match on Thursday I've made some promises to my heart.
I'll walk on the beach every day.  These holidays. These ten day holidays.
I'll not eat anything really bad....like white bread.
And condensed milk.
Straight out the tin.

Walk on the beach day one.
 Jocelyn, a building for you. : ) Fiddled a wee bit in PS.
As luck would have it, just as this delightful looking family arrived my battery ran out.
When I took this shot it was so flat that the auto focus couldn't work anymore.
I quite like the blur though.

ETA: WTF is blogger doing to the photo thumbnails these days?!!Blech!! 
I've half a mind to move over to Wordpress.


Val said...

Just love the building pic! The seagull posed good!! :)

Jocelyn said...

I hope Bernie never sees your post or he'd drag me out to the beach or the park as well in his attempt to get me exercising!

Thanks for the building photo. That's a start. Love the clouds.

And yes, Blogger's driving me nuts lately but the free photo server is a nice touch and well it is free so shouldn't really complain. Also our ISP does not like Typepad or WordPress much. Or you know we could use that little thing we have called kissedmuses.com! :)

Charleen said...

Have a fab holiday, enjoy those walks on the beach. x