worth a thousand

blah blah

oh so blah
Lol...the blahs are what I usually do when I draft a blog post.
I upload the pics first, making sure there's space for the text which comes later. But this morning I feel like I should leave it in.
It's not that the morning at the Helderberg Nature Reserve was blah in a boring way. Absolutely not! The air was crisp and filled with chirping birds and ribbitting frogs and it was bucolic and lovely.
It's just that despite all the prettiness I couldn't get into any kind of photo groove. It doesn't help that I'm not into taking pics of flowers...or mountains and lakes. I stalked a few toddlers with their grannies but the savvy grans soon cottoned on and whipped their charges off to get milkshakes at the restaurant.
And school starts on Monday.
Blah. Bleh. 


Val said...

Well you may not be into landscapes and flowers and things, but these are still so beautiful. Just love that mountain/lake pic!!And that self-portrait ain't that bad either!!
:)And that gran pic with her stalking off with the kiddies is so descriptive!! LOL! Nice post.

Lol said...

That Helderberg experience was all the more beautiful with the inclusion of your pic!

Pretty protea!!