I had an audience while I made supper tonight.
Max was terribly interested in the mince, which is the blurry pink bit in the foreground, (believe me, you don't want to see raw mince in focus)....and when the mince was in the pot he did his now predictable and totally charming I'll-roll-on-my-back-while-you-tickle-my-tummy-with-your-foot act.
Like pretty much most of the male population out there, huh?
Love the little bugger.


Jocelyn said...

He is a cutie, seriously. Between your blog and another one with photos of cats, I get my dose of kitty pics plenty. Oooh need to talk to you about socks.

Litchi said...

I try not to go too overboard with cat photos but sometimes they're just irresistible.

*is curious*

Catsby Cat said...

Ha ha! I love his face in the third pic - reminds me so much of Shenzi. She gets the exact same look on her face when she's up to no good. He's such a beautiful boy.

Val said...

Wonderful expressions!!! He is sooo cute! :)

Lol said...

'Like pretty much most of the male ppopulation out there...' haha, so true!!
Beautiful pics of Max! His eyes are so beautiful!