three weaknesses

I missed an opportunity to have lunch in Stellenbosch with Sam and Tina on Wednesday thanks to a kaput ignition module (sigh) but we caught up on Thursday which was so wonderful.
So much to talk about, so little time....but at least they got to meet the little shits!
Sam gave me a bag of the most divine handmade chocs from Huguenot Chocolates (I'm assuming, Sam, correct me if I'm wrong!)- in Franschhoek, and kept some for a bit of a photo shoot yesterday.

So I set everything up, took a few test pics, poured the espresso...took some leisurely sips and shots thinking.."Hmm, this is the life" when all of a sudden I realised the chocolates were melting!  
So I put the camera down, licked the melted gooiness off the cup, saucer and fingers and polished the lot off.
Hmmm...thanks Sam!
I couldn't get Stellies out my head though, so on Thursday my mom and I went through and wandered the streets, taking photos of doorways and people and the shadows of bare oak trees stretched across the old historic buildings. Have a mentioned how much I love that town? 
More in Flickr.

Elvis Perkins- 'Shampoo'


Charleen said...

I saw the new photographs on Flickr so popped in here to see if you had blogged about it - thanks for not disappointing me:) They are so 'I'm on holiday and very chilled' mode. I love them, especially the shadow ones. Your mom is looking very well. Cx

Jocelyn said...

Nothing beats licking melted chocolate off a cup, or your fingers. The green wellies are funky, and that guy in the sunglasses....cute!

Litchi said...

@ Charleen -Lol- I'm on holiday and I'm chilled : ) One more week to go!!!

@ J- That guy in the shades was posing Big Time! And, yes, the chocs were decadent...oy, it's been a wonderful two weeks but I've eaten too much!!!

Catsby Cat said...

You are indeed right about the chocs - and I'm glad they were good! They're certainly photogenic. I'm sorry we missed the Stellies trip, but it was great to see your place, your mom and the wee monsters.

Love the photos of the church and the wellie boots - clearly we're going to have to organise another lunch in Stellies *g*

Val said...

Those choc pictures turned out beautifully. And it certainly looks as if that guy knew what you were about!!! :)

Lol said...

I love Stellies too!!! Lovely mom shot and those chocolates...mmmm