sew what?

I might have mentioned a while ago that one of the few things on my bucket list ( I really must work on that at some stage- yawn) is a quilt. Making my own one. Yes, snigger all you like... I just don't see how being yanked, upside down, on a big piece of elastic over a river and under a bridge can be fun, okay? 

I had ordered a simple pattern online and bought the material so when I happened to be stranded without a car a few weekends ago I decided to make a go of it. It was  a soggy long weekend, raining non-stop,perfect for hours and hours of measuring and cutting......and more measuring.....and more cutting. Endless measuring and cutting. You get the picture.
But it wasn't that bad, somehow. I put a chilled out compilation on the iPod and sort of went into the Zone.

By day three the top was finished and klaar.
As you can see, the cats showed remarkable restraint during the whole process.
Not much of this sort of behaviour this time. Aw look how cute they were! 

But every time I put pieces down on the floor to look at certain colour combinations or to see what textures worked best together (I love this part and will happily go through hours and hours of measuring and cutting to get to it!!) they plonked themselves down on the fabric. As if to say, " Yes. We approve."
 As if they suspect it will become their blankie. Hmmph! How could they think such a thing!? ;-P

Oh yes...he's trying to eat the pins. 
Yep. Quilting. My kind of adventure sport.
Ok, so it's not quite finished yet. It's now been sandwiched - that means the batting's in place, the top and bottom layer are where they should be and everything's secured with lots and lots of safety pins.
And now......now I have to sew the bloody thing!!
With fancy stitches and patterns and stuff and I have no idea if a.) my machine can handle it and b.) I can handle it. 
Watch this space.

Odyssey-"Our lives are shaped by what we love" - Gotta love chilled out retro quilt-making tunes : )


Jocelyn said...

Lee, THAT cannot possibly be Max! He has grown twice as big in the past month or so that I have been away from the blogs? And how big, may I ask, is little Minerva now? Btw, the quilt is looking awesome. Can't wait to see the finished blankie.

Litchi said...

Yeah- he's a gangly teenager now...Minerva? She's grown too. She's not a poser like her brother so I don't get as many full body shots of her. There are some coming up though.
As for the quilt- yeah- I'm pleased with it (so far) and would like to try another in really muted tones. But I have to get this one done first.

Catsby Cat said...

Do it, do it, dooooo eeeeeet! The squishy stuff is there after all...

Lol said...

jeeez, that fang shot is just scarey!!! I love the quilt btw, I admire your commitment (oh, and for working a sewing machine!)