drive by shooting

I so badly wanted to stay and linger. 
Take my shoes off. 
Carve out a little seat for my bum in the sparkling Strandfontein sand. 
Inhale the winter sharp sea air. 
But schoolwork was looming (not that I've actually started it yet) and I wanted to get home early. 
So I got out, tried to be economical with my shots...sort of doing a 360 in about five minutes..and then got back in the car and toodled off home.
This captures the mood perfectly I think.

A few more in Flickr.


Charleen said...

Good luck with preparing for tomorrow. I finished on Friday - 6 weeks of freedom and travel!

Sand, sea and mountains - what more could you want. Great shot!

Have a great first day back.

Litchi said...

Whooohoo! Enjoy your summer break Charleen! It's always so weird to me that you guys up there end your school year half way through the year. Enjoy every moment of it :-P...and get that camera out, sistah!

Lol said...

I like this pic! Perfect place for a railing!

Litchi said...

I tell you what..if the weather's fine today I might be tempted to go back...with a flask of my own. ; )