clear eyes, full hearts

Hi y'all.
Another sprinkler shot. 
And the neighbour's bloody hosepipe trailed across my lawn ...as usual. Just to mess with the aesthetics.
 Look people, he might be slightly fucked up eccentric but he's beautiful, isn't he?

Looking less like Yoda every day. Purrty

Stretchy bootlegs. Who knew they could be so enticing on me?
And when the jeans get boring, YES! a box! A Western Cape Education Department box, no less.
And this is probably the most fun anyone or anything could have with it.
Believe me. I tried.

Friday Night Lights how I do love thee. 
And we're getting two more seasons.. *squeee*!!!
Cute little end-of-season 3 vid (and song).
I hope the wait for S4 isn't too long.

'Where do we go from here?' Joss Whedon (Buffy)


Jocelyn said...

Oh my he is gorgeous, esp in that third photo down. Do you get scratched much? My hands were always scratched when I had a kitty.

Yay to 2 more seasons. I'm still in mid-season 2 ... torrents are a pain.

Miss you!

Charleen said...

He is one beautiful cat!
I had to google Friday Night Lights - had never heard of it.

Litchi said...

@J- Scratched much? Nah- not any more! Oi, did you watch the vid then? I don't think it had too many spoilers...*bites lip*

@Charleen- You hadn't heard of FNL then? Hoooboy...where do I start? Do yourself a favour and get the first season- beg, borrow or download it- it'll change your life.
The scary thing is that I'm almost completely serious. It is the best television out there...
..And then there's Supernatural...;-P

Sarah said...

Gorgeous photos. The bloke is getting a new camera soon and I cannot wait. Any suggestions, do email me. :)

Litchi said...

Thanks Sarah -still so much to learn about the Canon!
...and trying not to kill everyone with kitteh spam in the process :0