old friends

Ant turned 40 last week.
 We go way back. 
Ant at 3. 
I'm the blonde on the right.
Yep, it was straight and blonde before the hormones kicked in.
I wonder what those rather big pink cookie-type things are?

Anthony lived opposite us in a huge Frank Lloyd Wright-style house right on the water's edge. It was his house we'd go to to catch fish, launch our boats and stand on the balcony to watch the pelicans out on the vlei. From fishing and sailing and building tree houses in the middle of the bush to playing and listening to music when we grew older. A wonderful childhood it was.   
Ant at 40.
I'm really thrilled with the way these pics of Ant's 40th came out. No flash, no tripod (like I'm ever going to be using one in a pub!) -just the highest ISO I could get and a bit of fiddling with the shutter speed.
 More pics in Flickr
'One'  - For old times sake ; )

ETA- Just realised there's a shocking lack of photographs of Zeekoevlei. What a shame. And hilarious that people are still spelling it incorrectly!


Val said...

Oh! Bloody brilliant!!!!!!
Just stunning!! Well done! :)

Charleen said...

What a lovely post....and the photographs!!!!
I wish I was going to be in Cape Town for longer in August to get a few lessons from you. You have definitely mastered the art. Well done.

PS The pink 'cookies' look a bit like coconut ice.

Litchi said...

Thank you!!! I love them too actually...which is rare.
Oh yes! Coconut ice! Wow- those things are huge. Charleen, I'll be happy to help you but I'm not sure about the mastery bit...it's a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda thing more than anything else! It'll be fun doing some shoots together though! : )