chasing tail

Ok, so seemingly laid back Max has a few issues...
He's either got some deep, dark neurosis (mommy issues), is an obsessive-compulsive or he's developed a few little fetishes. Either way he's not normal. I'm like the mother of a teenage son who dresses like Marilyn Manson and has piercings in unmentionable places. 

He has a thing for tail. Minnie's tail.
And she likes it most of the time 'cause I've caught her purring.
But we both hope he grows out of it.

The vet mentioned cat Prozac if it got really bad. How bad is bad? When Minnie loses the long suffering look and starts growling? When her tail starts looking like an abused school paintbrush?
Nah. I'll hold up on the medication. Mins and I will try and sort out the little eccentricities ( including weeing in the basin and bath-ack!) ourselves. 
Shopping list : 1 water pistol and a bottle of citronella oil. 
Happy days.
All pics were taken yesterday evening...the most beautiful end to a gorgeous day.
Break up day!

YouTube Prozac


Jocelyn said...

Oh Max, whatever next? I suppose Minnie's tail is better than the next door neighbour's cat's tail right?

Must be in his teenage angsty phase.

Cat Prozac? Seriously?!

How are you holding up?

Litchi said...

Lol-seriously. There's no way in hell I'm going to use it though! He really is a happy, relaxed cat so yeah- I'm hoping he'll grow out of it.
Me? I'm on h o l i d a y!!!! weeheeee!!! Survived term one with all appendages in tact. ;-P

Litchi said...

intact and with tact..one hopes

Val said...

Beautiful! Just love that uplifting video too!!

Litchi said...

Thanks! That video gives me goosebumps every time I watch it..and, for some odd reason, makes me want to rush down to Cape Town airport and do something similar. Odd because I usually keep my dancing private.
Probably better that way. ;-P

Sam said...

Lol! Your cats are great :) As are your photos of them. You always manage to capture them just so! And great video too. Reminds of the Where the Hell is Matt? vids on Youtube. You seen them? They make me smile too.

Charleen said...

Happy holidays.
More lovely images of your cats. I used to housesit for a friend whos cat used to suck my ear!! Luckily he grew out of it - it gave me the hibbyjibby's!
Love the flashmob clip. Definitely makes you want to join in.

Anonymous said...

Oh Max, you were such a good boy when you were little, WATZUP DUDE!! Now stop your S#$%#%TE and be nice to your sister!

(Sorry Lee, should have known my 'offspring' would have some kind of hangup .... hangon...hehehe)

Litchi said...

@Sam - Thanks- I tried out a few textures and frames with these, just to keep the PS skills well oiled. It was fun. I'm a sucker for feelgood YouTube vids, thanks for the link!

@Charleen - An ear sucking cat?! Ew!!!

@Lauren - Hehe...well, it's a parent's lot to be blamed for hangups but I like to call them eccentricities. He's got character.
Hell, at least he's not sucking peoples' ears!