I've been busy. And it's been hot. Fokin hot.
 Not the best combo for a sharp, entertaining blog post but this is me trying.

It's been hot all weekend. Even the kitties wouldn't venture outside until late afternoon. A much anticipated thunderstorm gave us rain and a pretty spectacular lightning display but no relief from the humidity. It's still hangin' in the air  like, um, something warm and heavy.... a Besotho blanket. Yeah.
One of those. Except it's not at all pretty.
I made workcards, chewed ice-cubes and took cold showers. 
'Cause I don't have a fan. Silly me. 

I stood in a rapidly darkening flat for 40 minutes trying to get a shot of the lightning. Took 200 pics of smudgy windows and raindrops and not much else.
 Taken from the car along the N2 on Sunday morning. Still hot.
Secret Machines 'Now You're Gone'    ~ sizzling hot track ~

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Val said...

Just love the light and shadows in the last one. Also your moody stormy Saturday night pictures. Great!