frick and frack and other people's junk

I went meadering down the road yesterday and found a car boot sale in full swing. Or, put it this way, it was as swingin' as a car boot sale on a hot, January Saturday can ever be.
God, just look at this piece of retro gorgeousness.There's something about household appliances from the fifties and sixties...the huge knobs, that very specific shade of green. I almost wish I'd bought it.

 If you take out the 'i' and replace it with 'a' you have Frack. Which is probably not the curse word I'll be using when I start sewing my first quilt. The pattern has arrived. And I'm accumulating a stash.
Meanwhile, back at the boot sale....

 Another retro thingie. The lady tried to sell it to me for R900. Lol.
If you look carefully you can see the big red battery that's supposed to power the thing.
Not this lady. This one didn't try and sell me anything. She just let me take her photo with her little girl. I love it when people are up for it.

More pics in Flickr.

Andrew Bird- 'Oh No' (also not the words I'll use when I start my first quilt but his new album is luverly- so is he)


Jocelyn said...

If there was one word in the entire English vocabulary that I could attribute to you, it would no doubt be "meandering". I associate it with you so much that I can see you, Rebel at ready, taking time to walk along streets, alleys, between stalls at the market. Always with this half-smile as if you knew something others don't. Which is sometimes true I suppose!

I love, love the sewing machine and turntable shots. Do those things actually still work?

And yay, for stash! Any kind of stash is nice. Must say the Litchi bag in the earlier post is fab. So you...

Litchi said...

If there was one word in the entire English vocabulary that I could attribute to you, it would no doubt be "meandering".

Welllll, yes...interesting and scarily apt. I guess I meander through a lot of things that are best approached with a more forceful stride...but I'd get no kodak moments then, right? ;-P Lol.
And yes, the smile's there but mostly to avoid scaring people I'm trying to shoot. :D

Apparently, the sewing machine still worked. I didn't ask if the turntable worked - didn't want to appear too interested in case I got caught up in some bargaining battle.

And yes...I'm collecting stash. Now there's a surprise. Heh.

Val said...

A lovely word, meander. Most probably you would have been amazed at the weight of that sewing machine! They made things heavy in those days. Gorgeous colours - love the 'stash' too - can't wait to see further updates on the quilt.
Lovely captures.

Charleen said...

Wow, some amazing stuff at the car boot sale - very happening!

Looking forward to the quilt updates.

Lol said...

Poor machine.... with a name like 'Frick'. Sounds like something a seamstress would say when she has just gone over her finger!!!
And work cards in the heat - you are relentless!! I barely manage lifting my drink to my mouth in days like last weekend!!