go on, say it

I keep taking my camera to school to try and capture some of that good ol' first week panic but my blogger self is totally overshadowed by my Ms T persona and the all-consuming need to have every one of the 36 new little darlings jumping to her tune. No waving cameras about getting people excited.
And no fun. No sitting on tables swinging legs, no jokes and definitely no dancing!

 Until the blogger can make an appearance at school here are some family braai (pronounced "bry", rhyming with the word "cry" and otherwise known as barbecue) pics from Sunday.
Bar the quick temper tantrum at the fire involving burning lamb chops (it's not often one hears "but you're not communicating with me!!!!!" over sizzling coals) ...
...and the constant interrupting (a terrible family trait)
....and the flies that descended as the meat arrived
it was a lovely afternoon.

PS- spot the 'Litchi bag' ;-P

Blind Pilot- 'go on, say it'


Val said...

Aw! Gorgeous!!!! Ok I'll say 'blind pilot' but I am not sure why I must!?
:) Definitely a family gathering to remember, especially the outburst!
Love the pics, Litchi! Captures the moment - a pity you didn't get the flies.

Litchi said...

'Cause they're a cool band?;-P

Lordy...would *not* have been popular if I'd gone and taken big loving macros of those things..can you imagine? Lol