the one with the insect body parts

Observations while doing the housework.....
Minnie likes to toss the kitty litter crystals around on the floor. Sometimes, if there aren’t enough scattered there already (like if I've just swept them up), she’ll put in her paw and bat some out. Good times.
The cats have found a new (and frankly, way more exciting) use for my yoga mat. They do the kitty version of Downward Facing Dog…this involves claws. And scratching.
Am vacuuming lots of litter crystals and bits of mat foam.

Vacuuming sux.

An army of ants invades my kitchen every night- I think they must have a base nearby.
I’m finding wings and legs and other unidentifiable insect body parts lying around and one huge green fly (thank the Pope they didn't eat that) in its final death throws just got sucked up…I bet they can’t wait to sink their teeth into something meatier.

They love to do this.
Climb on (and under) the damp laundry on the clothes rack. Check those claws, baby!

I go to a speciality German supermarket just to buy my floor cleaner….Emsal Boden PHege. Besides the fact that it’s a darn sight better than any local product, I love the smell- all Alpiney and log cabins and Heidi.Which aren't exactly German, I know.

They climb everything! 
I spent over R300 on new picture books for school yesterday. I do this every year. It helps make going back to school a little less shitty. A leeetle bit.

School starts Monday. *sob*

Glen Hansard's 'Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy' from Once. Love that movie!


Catsby Cat said...

Insect body parts, while gross, are better than the whole insect when brought in gift form... Don't you think? :)

Love the pictures of the kitties on your wash rack! Especially the middle one. Gawd, they're such little monsters. Lol.

Back to school, huh? I hear you, sistah!

Litchi said...

Ohhh, don't tell me about the other gifts. I'll take insects in a heartbeat- it's the other things that fill me with dread. (Just had a flash of this week's ep of Supernatural!!)

Yeah- clothes rack action is hilarious. Until all the freshly washed bits fall on the floor. Watch the smile slide off my face then. :-/

Back to school. As much as breakup day is extraordinarily great, back to school blues are the pits.

Val said...

Naughty but so adorable!! :)

Jocelyn said...

Oy, the rats in SPN were a bit too much I think. The episode was a bit bland I think but I did love nasty!Dean.

I do love that first photo. Did you use a monochrome effect? They look so deliciously toned down.

Litchi said...

I know- I thought it a bit meh too. Poor Dean. I want the writers to erase his memory or something. How can he bare all that? Angsty!Dean is one thing but....eish.

Ah ha! The duo toned effect!!!I'm so excited with this!!!

Lightroom: Change pic to greyscale, tweak the greyscale tones and then go to Split toning. There you can chose a highlight tone and a shadow tone and play around with the balance and different saturation of each. Fun!

Charleen said...
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Charleen said...

Looks like the kittens are keeping you busy, creatively and on the domestic scene.
German floor cleaner! I'm not even going to attempt saying it out loud, seems there will be a lot of spit involved :)
Have fun at school tomorrow. Have you come across Oliver Jeffers. He does lovely picture books.

Charleen said...
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Charleen said...

PS I'm the fool who's made a mess of my comments and had to delete them!

Litchi said...

Lol, no worries Charleen!!! Thanks for commenting, dude!!

Jah, ja..plenty spit involved methinks....and thanks for that recommendation. I'm going to Google him now.

Lol said...

I just love the first month Mean Miss T.... you've got it down to a erm 'T'.

Love the washing rack pic!

(Give me wings!! Just cleaned up rat insides and a tail off the verandah... hope yours don't take after their mother!)

Litchi said...

Oh god....I dread finding out. My only hope is that there's very little wildlife out there in my little urban neck of the woods. Crickets maybe. I can handle crickets.

Mean Miss T is tired and wants the weekend. Now.