fish are jumpin'

A leisurely lunch in Stellenbosch, surely one of the coolest historical spots in South Africa....
Beautiful people, beautiful town.
Then we drove into Jonkershoek and did some flyfishing.
                                                      Well, some of us did.                                                      
 Oops. Gratuitous kitty shot.
Back to the fishing....
 Some messed about with cameras.
Some slept.
Some took part in the surprisingly fun (but probably frowned upon) spectator sport of Spot the Trout and Shout Directions to the Fisherman. "There's a big fat one over here!
No...a bit more to the right. Yesss...it's following your lure!"

And the fish really were jumping. Just not in the direction of the very pretty flies.
And then we came home and had cake.
Happy birthday boet. ; )

Funboy Three- 'Summertime'


Jocelyn said...

And here I thought kitty went to flyfishing with you!

Lovely photos, Lee. The Rebel is loving the sunshine.

Charleen said...

Looks like you had a lovely day out. I'm so envious of all the lovely sunshine and blue skies.

Litchi said...

And I'm loving the Rebel! :D
The sun's good but it's 21:30 and still too hot to even consider going to bed. Oh for some air con!

Val said...

A great day! :) Great pics!