yoda interrupted

Yesterday someone said she looked like Yoda.
I think she might have overheard.
Never mind Minerva. You'll grow into those ears.
This is Max down below looking for trouble.
He spies Minnie (who, unlike her brother, is a cat who likes her space) and doesn't relent until she joins in with the game of Let's Grab The Parcel Tape And Chew It To Bits.
Do or do not... there is no try.

Typographic inspiration by AriMudz


Photo Boost said...

Love the cat essay! I wonder if we will see more episodes?

Litchi said...

Thanks! :-P
Will there be more? Ohhh yes...as long as these two are around I can pretty much guarantee there'll be more. Lol

Val said...


Jocelyn said...

Yoda!!!! LOL.
Kittens are less expensive than kids when it comes to toys.

Litchi said...

We are easily amused.
Thank God.