V-Day day at my school. When the kids are allowed to wear civvies you know you're in for a tough day. Throw in a sugar-charged Bring and Buy and it's Hell. On. Wheels.
Oh yes.... the fact that they were also wearing RED didn't help much.
I was asked to take pics of the little reception class and am breaking my no face rule. 
They're just too bloody cute.  

A future heartbreaker, without a doubt.
With all my hart. Aw. 
The Decemberists - 'Red Right Ankle'


Jocelyn said...

Aww, 'hart'breakers indeed.
Must have been a fun day for them even if it was hellish for you and the other teachers.

Sorry I've been absent from your blog...

Val said...

AH - awesome!! Brilliant lighting and you captured the light of excitement in their eyes brilliantly!! Super pics. Happy V Day to you too!! :)

Litchi said...

Kicking myself for not calling the post 'hartbreakers'!
I just love the little dude with the lolly in his mouth.
Thanks ladies. : )