Still here. Thanks for asking. It's just that I really don't seem to be one of those people who can blog while normal life is careening around them. I wish I could get it right. 'Cause stuff has been happening. Like heat waves and fires (you can probably still smell smoke in my curtains but I'll give you a snot klap if you try) and kitties hitting puberty and having their bits removed and tons of other thrilling shit. It's just that I get home from school, put in another two hours of work at the PC and by then I'm half comatose and couldn't think of anything intelligent to say or type if I tried.
Anyways. Thanks to Sam for reminding me that Cave Mode sounds infinitely more exciting when it's called Spelunking.
And I do love Laura Veirs so.

The Tokai food market is such a great place to people watch. 
Typically Capetonian....effortlessly laid back and beautiful.
And the ubiquitous cat pic. 
This was Max before they cut off his balls.  
Ignorance = bliss.
More pics in Flickr soon.
'spelunking' -Laura Veirs


Jocelyn said...

I got dizzy keeping up with what's happening with you. Poor Max. It's good though esp if you don't want to be an old cat lady. How is he taking it?

Lovely shots of the beach btw. Enjoy the summer while it lasts.

I hope the thrilling shit gets over soon. Take care, my friend.

Val said...

Lovely to see you post again. Glorious pic of Max - what a honey!!

Sam said...

The best thing about "spelunking", is that it sounds vaguely dirty as well... :)

Aw, Max when he was still a whole kittie. Poor wee bugger. Lol!

Which beach is that in the first photo? For the life of me I can't figure it out. And is that home-made lemonade? I love home-made lemonade.

As J said, here's to the end of the thrilling shit!