super eggnog ....and mario

"The only problem with eggnog is that it warms you up..."
This is probably why it's not part of the Christmas tradition for those of us living South of the equator. But it has become a tradition in our little family..and yesterday was Eggnog Day. When the temperature in Cape Town was in the mid 30's (Celsius).
As you've perhaps noticed, our recipe comes from the web. Someone called Cyril who, no doubt, takes his eggnog's warmth-inducing ingredients very seriously.
God bless the web. 
And God bless Cyril for his boozy nog. 
In two hics the tree was up.
Lights hung and strung. 
(Me, cleverly avoiding this little adapter nightmare by staying behind the lens)
And all were bathed in the warmth and glow of the Christmas season.
Then we played Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii ;-P
Of which there will be no photographs because they're hellishly unflattering.
Thank you Steve and Meri for perfecting the art of eggnogery, for bringing the Wii and being such strong supporters of Eggnog Day.


stevemeri said...

What cool pics!

After crawling out of bed (at about the same time you arrived home...) with a mild headache, we had another session on Mario Kart :) I need all the practice I can get!

stevemeri said...

I do have to add a big thank you for leaving the Mario pics off the blog!!!

Val said...

I've got some!! :) Lovely words and photos, Litchi

Litchi said...

Lol- I have my limits! No Wii player pics here if I have anything to do with it. ;-P
Practice all you like Princess Peach...Waluigi looks forward to leaving you in the dust in our next race! Mwahahaa!!

Jocelyn said...

I bow down to your mad photography skills. That recipe shot is made of awesome, as is the eggnog recipe (woot!). Never tried it so might just whip up a batch this holiday season.

I can't decide which photo is my fave: the toenail and tree, the adapters or the tealights with absofuckinglutely beautiful bokeh!

Litchi said...

Thanks J, but it really is the lens. God bless the Nifty Fifty!

Sam said...

Ooh! My dad's pc lets me see the word verification! At last I can comment. :)

So you have an eggnog tradition, huh? That's great. I tried making it last year for the first time, for a Christmas party. And because of the heat, I deliberately chose one that you chilled after cooking - but no-one drank it. :( I liked it though. Heh.

I presume yours is a warm one? Such lovely pics too - they have a real Christmassy feel to them.

Litchi said...

You should check out Cyril's recipe- really, it's seriously good. And no, it's not warm..it's just all the booze in there. :D