things we like

my new summer dress

fresh laundry

christmas hats

christmas trees

my new bead bracelet

my suede chair

ohyesss...we lurve my suede chair

little shits

more eM'neM in flickr


Jocelyn said...

Still can't tell them apart. Not the suede chair!!! oooh I bet they'd get the boot if they weren't this cute.

Val said...

Yes put a throw over that suede chair!!!!! They are cute though, but those claws are alarming! :)

Sam said...

Oh lordy! They really are a pair of monsters. Have you braved taking them outside yet? Let them claw a tree rather than your sued chair?! Eep.

Love the picture of the ears coming out from under your dress, and the wee bugger in the laundry. Clearly they own your house now; not you or the bank.

Litchi said...

The wee bugger is now Minerva Ruby- depending.
And there is a horrible grey fleece blanket over the chair. Haven't done anything about the claws yet- I think I'll leave that to the vet. ;-P