It's that time of the year again.
The sitting-on-the-desk-smiling-benevolently-at-all-things time of the year. This year we took the Superhero theme a bit further and made puppets and put on a puppet show. We had a Superhero (Oxidor, pictured above) who's weakness is smelly socks. All his nemesis has to do is take off his shoes and poor Oxidor has to make a run for it.
If I were to create a Superhero it would be one who's weakness is smelly breath. If there's one thing that has me recoiling from a nine year old faster than anything else it's bad breath ....what the hell are kids eating these days? I swear it gets worse every year.

Back to the puppets....do not for one second believe any real sewing took place. When needles were eventually threaded (and you only have to look at the pics to know this took a very.... Very...Long time) the buttons were 'knotted' in place..and if this didn't work we used glue. I must say, the little buggers showed perseverance though. Knotting buttons onto a little sock isn't easy.

So tomorrow is the second last day of school and the same old feeling is here. Memories of long lazy days on Fish Hoek beach, braai smoke lingering over the neighbourhood, the sweet smell of the hydrangeas under my bedroom window in the evening,  shopping for Christmas presents in Cavendish square ...decorating the tree. So..ok, hardly any of those things are a part of my holiday experience these days....still, the essence remains.
It's break up day on Friday.
And it feels good.


Val said...

Trying hard these kids!! Still I am sure you will enjoy the break from all humans that size until next year!
We won't even mention the pint-sized four-legged ones at home! :)

Jocelyn said...

The kids are just adorable. Do they get to keep the sock puppets?