lemony snippets

I want all these elements in my next piece. Not sure how though. The bee and stripy socks are very sentimental and nostalgic photoshopping elements.

I'm not sure whether to include the rather cute but ancient rugger bugger or not but I must have  the socks!

The lined paper underneath is from a journal/diary (mostly empty) I found in a Kalk Bay junk shop. It's over a hundred years old and I hated cutting that page out. The 'pure bug beauty' bit comes from a line from a Jeff Tweedy song.
In case you were interested.
Neat that it can look like an old bit of paper, eh? That's cause it was stained with a few teaspoons of instant coffee. I'm now printing images from digital archive libraries like BibliOdyssey and trying to make them look real. I think it really works.

I'm also loving my inspiration board at the moment.
It sort of inspired this probably-never-to-be-completed zebra collage. Which I now don't like very much.

That's it for this week.
I'm off to soak up some sun before Debs arrives.


Jocelyn said...

You're crazy, woman! The zebra is beautiful! Is that a photo of the actual canvas or something you did in PS? Looks like one of your wallpapers actually, it has the Litchi touch. And by that I don't mean the overly done (even though I still don't see any of your work as overly done), it's got all the elements that I love in your work. The bee and the lemon and the stripy socks are all promising. Keep us posted!

Litchi said...

Aw J, you're too kind *hugs*

The zebra (and a few other bits in the piece)is actually a transfer from a print (works only with toner-based printers and copiers). There are lots of different ways you can transfer an image onto a canvas but this one was done with something called gel medium and involves covering the image with the gel, letting it dry and then soaking the back in water and slowly peeling off the paper to reveal the ink print left behind. It takes a while to find a method that works and it's not ever going to be a precise transfer but it's lots of fun.
The only problem is that if you stuff up you can't just click 'undo'...so I'm going to keep shuffling the bee and co around until I'm really, really ready to start.