Shelter from the storm

I love my little palm in the late afternoon. The pale winter sun on those leaves and the gorgeous, soft shadows.

A week of concert chaos ends in the best way possible....being forced to stay inside and recoup while the Cape of Storms lives up to it's name. I've compiled a new car cd (the new Calexico cd ROCKS!), finished off Debbie's birthday present (hoorah) and worked on another pic from the coastal drive I took a few weeks ago. Deb's bluebird of happiness. The words twirling around the bird's head are from Somewhere over the Rainbow, one of her favourite songs. Hope she likes it.

And now, while the storm continues to rage outside, I shall fix myself a little drink and get started on a brand new canvas... ;-P


Jocelyn said...

You should definitely open up a shop at Etsy - your canvasses will be snapped up like hotcakes there. Would you accept a commission from a sistah though?

Glad to hear you survived the concerts.

Litchi said...

Woah, a shop at Etsy? Not sure if I'm quite ready for that just yet but thanks for the compliment!
A commission? *insert nervous faced smilie*
Uh....YES! Why the hell not?! ;-P

Val said...

Wow!~!! Brilliant!! (Instead of trying at Flickr, tried the obvious place for a comment! Duh!)