Orange you glad?

The highlight of my day was spotting these in the grocery store and deciding they'd make a good subject. I raced home, kicked off my shoes, unpacked the groceries and spent some time with my bum in the air trying to think like an assassin when I squeezed the trigger. They say the secret to taking a steady shot is to breathe like a marksman taking a shot. Which means not breathing at all for a bit.

The light was bad and it's probably not a very good shot but in the spirit of posting more often here it is.
Anyways, I've always liked that muted, slightly soft still life look.
A bit like these polaroid pics in flickr ;-P

PS- Those orange things (kumquats) are sour as hell and the skins (which are supposed to be edible) are awful!
Good thing they're so pretty.


Jocelyn said...

Kumquats are only pretty to look at. I can just about picture you trying to frame that shot!

And I hate that I can't see those polaroid photos you linked to. :(

Jocelyn said...

Btw, your post title is the color name of a knitting yarn!

Litchi said...

Btw, your post title is the color name of a knitting yarn!
Hee! Really? Will have to see if I can google it.
I got all the polaroid photo links from
Maditi Likes' blog.
She likes the soft, muted and blurred stuff too. :)

Val said...

I AM glad you are back! That has put a great, big smile on my face!! Don't think I have ever tasted a kumquat - but they do look pretty against your background! Great!