Sun, sun, sun..... here it comes

A little taste of Spring.Although the blossoms on the lemon tree outside my computer room have actually been doing their thing all winter.
The weather today was spring-like though. 
Warm and sunny and sit-on-the-back-step-and-read-all-afternoon weather.
And when I felt in danger of melting from all the unaccustomed sun I went inside 
and worked on Astronaut Girl.

P.S.I want my new lenses and I want them NOW! The guy at SACamera told me the 50mm's were in a truck that was hijacked and stolen. I would have swallowed the excuse without a qualm except that the boy I give a lift to told me just the other day that a cell phone retailer used the same excuse to explain a delay in getting his phone repaired. Hmm...I smell a rat. A very South African rat.

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Val said...

Lovely pics - love the lighting - Sorry about the lens but you might be right about it being a South African excuse!! Dig your new vocabulary!! :)