I got your six

I got your six
On a side note.... I'm halfway through the final episode of Generation Kill and don't want it to end.
Why I, a soon-to-be-middle-aged-spinster-Grade-3-teacher, should be so enamoured with this show is beyond me.

But I am.

And I feel everyone should try to incorporate the GK marine lexicon in their everyday speak as often as possible.....

Foot-mobile: a person on foot.
As in, "God, these foot-mobiles just cross the road expecting you to slow down. F%*#ing foot mobiles!"

I glassed it: I viewed the object through binoculars or a rifle scope.
Well, why not try this on a photo shoot?
"I glassed it and realised I'd need the 50mm f/1.8 that got stolen from the hijacked truck."

O Dark Hundred: until darkness falls.
"Woohoo! O Dark hundred is getting later and later these days. Summer is on it's way!"

Oscar Mike: On the Move
"Ok Grade 3's! Let's get to assembly. Oscar Mike!"

Stay frosty: Stay cool.
A favourite.
"Those people from the department are only here to give us advice. Just stay frosty, ladies."

Cluster Fuck : Mass confusion and chaos.
 Yet another favourite but one that I can't say out loud as often as I'd like.
"The last hour of school yesterday was a total cluster fuck."

Hitman Two out.

Thanks to discussions of things i find interesting for the glossary!


Amy Lane said...

*g* I was always fond of that last one myself! (Secret languages of the terminally cool are always fun to learn:-)

Litchi said...

Lol- Now I just need to find a like-minded staff member to share the language with...it's no fun muttering it to yourself.
Yet another downside to teaching at a Catholic School- such mealy-mouthed prudes!