Lost Coastlines..and a new lens

Lost Coastlines
Today was my duvet day. A Friday when one of us (name drawn from a hat) is fortunate enough to escape the institution at 10:00  and start the weekend early. The only thing stopping me from making an actual date with my duvet and climbing into bed with a copy of Julie & Julia in one hand and bar of chocolate in the other, was the fact that I had a brand spanking new lens waiting for me at the post office. So I collected my Sigma 18-200 f/3.5 (how scary is it that I know those specs off by heart?) and headed for the beach.

The Sigma is a telephoto lens which, as my brother so succinctly put it, will now allow me to take sneaky pics of people without them knowing.
Of course, we've had the shittiest weather imaginable and winter still has us in it's claws so when I arrived at the Strand beach it was decidedly empty. No people anywhere.
So I took pics of big fat clouds and churned up brown sea....

And an interesting log bit.

And a half a tree dumped rather artistically during one of our recent storms....

So far no people.
I was just beginning to give up when this lady arrived, dogs in tow. Telephoto time.
See how powerful the lens is? 
I'm terrible at estimating distances but I'm standing like, really far away, OK?
Two things I had not noticed until I popped this shot in Lightroom...
a.) She's smiling at me. I had no idea! Probably telling me to bugger off under her breath.
b.) The big rottweiler is cocking it's leg over the flotsam and jetsam. Niiice.
Then this guy walked in from the sea.

I think he knew I was trying to shoot him.
He'd keep on looking round and I'd noncholantly swing the lens away and pretend I was actually looking somewhere else.
Then another surfer arrived.

I was really far away for this shot too.
He seemed in an awful hurry. I could have told him not to get too excited....not much happening out there with waves like that. What's the surfer term for those conditions, boet?
 My lens however, in my totally unprofessional opinion is not crap.
I love it already.


Val said...

You are so funny with your descriptions and your photos with your new lens are absolutely super!!!!! Well done! Next time catch the dog with his leg lowered, otherwise a wonderful collection!!! :)

Jocelyn said...

Oh wow, I remember that wallpaper! Looking at it now though gives it a slightly different feel. Before I thought it was sad, but now it's...hopeful. Yeah, that's the word.

Bravo on the new lens. I thought you were getting a prime lens? It's remarkably compact for a telephoto lens too. I had a gander at the shops and inspected the 450D...damn, the kit lens now includes Image Stabilizers. What rip-offs!