beer 'n blue steel

Wow- just looking through Lightroom I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the pics I've accumulated over the months and will probably never get around to blogging now. I've decided to be ruthless. A fried hard drive will do that to a person.

So here are some recent ones. From the Hop 'n Vine Festival at Groot Constantia. It was bloody freezing and wet but those home brews were delish.

And then, the family came to visit yesterday and Nick had fun chewing all sorts of things.... my concrete step, some soil that was suspiciously cat poo shaped, and that spiky wonderful green stuff called grass!!

Grizzly Bear - Sleeping Ute


meri said...

Wow! I love them!! Those shots at the Hop and Vine festival look like they came out of a magazine, and our boy.... his eyes look amazing in that first close-up!

Val said...

Yay! At last a post from you!! Fabulous captures as always. Agree - those Festival photos are superb!
And, of course, Nicholas is gorgeous, but then I am terribly biased. :)

Jocelyn said...

Forgive me. I've been absent from your blog for too long. I have no other excuse that being involved in my own world.

How are you? I have missed our chats. I miss seeing your beautiful photography. I miss you. Full stop.

Will try and get better at keeping in touch. Hugs to you and belly scratches to the kitties.