hang loose

Another beautiful autumnal weekend spent at the Cabernet cottage in Stellenbosch.
I'll let the pics speak for themselves. : )

Alabama Shakes- 'Hang Loose' - Boys and Girls-2012


Val said...

What a lovely surprise! Love them all but really loved that closeup of the little piece of vine on the fence! Looks like a fabulous abstract artwork when blown up.
Wonderful memories of a wonderful weekend. Thanks.

meri said...

So beautiful and that's a very cute baby boy :)

Charleen said...

Looks like a lovely place to spend a relaxed weekend.
Your nephew is very cute. Sure you're enjoying being Aunty Leanne. x

Sam said...

Lovely pics - and Nicholas is getting big! Wow. What a cutie.

Litchi said...

Thanks for the comments everyone (hey Charleen, thanks for stopping by!) - it was a wonderful weekend!