It's early February.
It's one of the hottest days of the year.
The grass on the field is...well, dead...
And the kids are chanting Gold House sucks!

Must be Sports Day.
Every year for the past don't-really-want-to-count-how-many I've been officiating at the start.
Far enough away from obsessive parents 
convinced their child has received a place
but close enough to the starters gun to feel actual pain when it goes off.

"Mam, can I go pee?" 

 "I need to peeeeee!"

I don't even correct them with the more polite alternative anymore.
"You'll just have to knyp( hold it in).... it makes you run faster. The sooner you finish the sooner you can go to the toilet."
Do you think he's doing some visualisations?

I could eat this little okie up.
And this one.
That's John Cena on his T-shirt.
I actually know who John Cena is. 
I based a whole lot of maths lessons on the guy once. 
Never ever actually seen him wrestle on the TV though. 
The power of the media is far reaching indeed.

"African Velvet"  by Air


Charleen said...

How sweet! Do you realised what a unique institution the South African sport day is. The UK haven't got a clue.
I have such fond memories of hot, windy Sports Days. The only difference when I was a teacher was that I was able to wear shoes and didn't get those horrible thorns in my feet.
Good times!

Val said...

Excellent! Don't you just love them? Great captures. I love the little 'okie' at the beginning too. What a cutie - but bet he is a handful.

Litchi said...

@Charleen- It's a pain to start off the year running around in the heat but you're right, there's something about sports day that is very special.
@Val- Yeah- that little guy's mom has been called in three times already! Wish I could have had my camera out more often but I had a flag and walkie talkie waving job to do. ;-P