hello 2010

Last year this time I was on the beach celebrating the New Year with the rest of Cape Town.
Not happening today as the wind's howling.
Instead, I'm going to wash paw prints off walls later on.
And think about all that stuff one is supposed to think about on the first day of a new decade.
Like.... is this the year I will finally buy a stove? And will I learn the secret to keeping my indoor plants alive? And, will I ever finish the canvas primed and propped up against the wall in my lounge?
And *gasp* will I get around to finishing my quilt!? Oh please let it be so!

Anyway, enough of that heavy navel-gazing stuff.

Here are some pics from the so-early-we-didn't-even-brush-our-teeth walk that Debs and I did on the beach the other morning.It was blustery and overcast as most mornings have been lately. And bloody freezing.
Poor tourists.


Another gratuitous Max pic.

Happy New Year everyone!
Here's to a year filled with good times, great health
and peace.
Let there be lots of peace.

Laura Veirs "Life is Good Blues"


Val said...

Love the black and white pics - the only problem is I cannot tell the two M's apart in black and white! :)
But that lack of colour certainly emcapsulates the blustery cold mornings we have had lately! Well done!

Jocelyn said...

Get the stove! Get the stove this year! I vote for the stove!

Heh, I'm not ready to contemplate the year just gone and the new one in front of me right now. Maybe after I have my first cup of coffee.

The cats are getting really big now!

Litchi said...

Wellll...as this appears to be the year of The Big Overseas Trip I guess the stove will have to wait. ;-P

Have house-sitter will travel.
*does happy dance*

Jocelyn said...

oooh, does this Big Overseas Trip happen to include a stop over in ol' Dubai?