those lazy
sittin' in the sun with my kindle,
walkin' on the beach at 6:00 in the morning,
grapefruit schnapps drinkin'
summer holidays,
are over

Best holiday Kindle moments: 
I read a ton of shit but here are some keepers:
The Marcus Didius Falco series by Lindsey Davis.
Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins
Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh

Best holiday viewing: 
I also watched a ton of shit.  These were the more memorable bits:

The Lovely Bones   ( I know, it hasn't actually been released yet...shhh)
The TV a capella series called  The Sing Off.  Torrents are available. Just sayin' ;-P
Love Happens. Total chick flick

Animal - Miike Snow (Mark Ronson remix)


Jocelyn said...

Looks like you had a great summer though. Catch of the Day...I wrote a fanfic ages ago with that title and the lead also owns a food joint. Angel's Blood sounds like it could be a new twist in the Supernatural mythology!

I also have The Lovely Bones, both the book and the DVD (ssssh!). Should I read the book first?

Litchi said...

Hmmm....I usually say watch the movie first as novels don't translate well but you know, I think jackson's done a brilliant job with this one. Read the book first.

The angels aren't anything like Castiel and co - they're just another breed of (hawt)supernatural beings. It's a great paranormal romance though.

I miss the Winchesters!!When does Supernatural return, you know?

PS- Dude....three blog posts a day! Much respect ;-)

Jocelyn said...

Noted, will get back to Chapter 1 of the book then.

I read the first review on Amazon and got a bit squicked rightaway with the very obvious sexual tension between Raphael and the hunter chick. WTH?

The Winchesters are back on the 21st Jan.

Thanks, been slowly taking them out of the drafts folder.

Val said...

Sad to say goodbye to lazy days. But you have some lucky cats there for whom each day is lazy - plus the added bonus of being fed and loved.
Lovely pics as always. Always such a delight to find you have posted!

Charleen said...

Hope the start of the new year went well and that all your little angels are angels.

Litchi said...

Thanks Charleen
Hmm...a few angels but then I kind of prefer the little devils anyway ;-P

We all melted over our shiny new books. It was...and still is a stinker!