bff's and sunsets

I have a bad case of blogger's guilt.
 Why I cannot just post the pics sitting in my To Blog Folder I have no idea. But there they are, sitting on my desktop - many, many images cataloging the past few months and now it seems wrong just dumping them all  here in one spammy pile. So I plan on dispensing them bit by bit.
With or without an accompaniment of words.
Debs came to stay a few weekends ago.
  Conversation is always so easy with Debs that it's hard to stop once we really get into it.
A genuine bff (we go right back to primary school), Debs and I will talk about anything and everything....work woes, singledom, our cats,  making stuff and learning how to make other stuff (usually twinkly, colourful bits), movies, music, tv shows and anything else that might give the impression that we were still seventeen and sitting in our green PHS uniforms on the steps of the school quad at break.  
A genuine BFF. : )
So when we did manage to find a break in conversation (soon after we realised that swapping cat anecdotes made us sound like the gushy mothers we always sneer at) we grabbed our cameras and  raced off into the setting sun to try and capture some of the magic of a crisp and clear winter's evening in the Cape. It was golden. 
After the sun set below the houses in Somerset West we dashed off to the beach to capture the magic there but that was a bit underwhelming. Goes to show...not every beach sunset is all that. 
There might be a life lesson in there somewhere.

Pics soon up in Flickr.
'You and I' - Wilco 


Val said...

Well worth the wait and a gorgeous pic of Debbie!!
Awaiting the next entry impatiently! :)

Charleen said...

Aren't we lucky. Having a Bff like Debbie - you don't mind sharing do you? Have you penciled in the weekend of the 22nd of August. I want to back in that green dress, checking out the boys walking across the quad. Cats I don't do. For the rest, I'll be there with bells on. xx

Litchi said...

Ok, Ma...enough with the tapping fingers. You know that kind of pressure just has me refusing to do anything! ;-P

Charleen, we are so on for the 22nd!!! We can regress to our hearts' content. :D Those summer dresses. We were always pulling them up over our belts...and rolling the socks down. Ahhh....high school. Can't say I'd want to do it again.

No cat stories- promise!