winter comes early

I holed up this weekend. Sitting in the sun whenever it appeared, feet propped up against the oil heater when it didn't. And I slept. Bliss.
Today I made a mobile I'd been dreaming about ever since seeing a similar one in a restaurant last year. It looks pretty. I've threatened to skin the cats if they ever so much as lift a paw to it...I've seen the way they look at it.
This is what we did this weekend.
Followed the sun.
Read the paper.

Others would be challenged but being a lazy hermit comes so easily to me.
One of my few talents. ;-P
Conor Oberst -'Difference is Time'


stevemeri said...

Sounds perfect!

Charleen said...

We share a talent!
I spent last week with my friends in Somerset. Had a lovely time but I could see that they just didn't get the fact that I enjoyed chilling out with my book and a short afternoon nap. I was on holiday for goodness sake. I didn't want to weed their garden or help clip the sheep's toenails!

Litchi said...

It was perfect Meri! But the heater is now kaput. I guess Sunday's all-day performance was it's swansong. : (
Charleen! Ewe! Clipping someone else's toenails is bad enough!

Val said...

Aw~ How come I have only seen this? Late as usual ... but thanks for the update on the little darlings! Beautiful, beautiful captures. Now how about a pic of the mobile?
Nothing better than a chilled out weekend! :)

Catsby Cat said...

Heh. This is such a case of like pet, like owner! And cats - in a good home of course - have a great life. It makes sense to emulate them. Gorgeous photos of them as always!

Lol said...

Babies are getting big! u really captured the mood beautifully Lee!