strange overtones

What started out as a little half arsed meander down a local street became an afternoon scattered with little spit the pips moments.  The last time I tried taking photographs in this road all the dogs started barking and there were shifty looking men on the corner so I hopped back in my car. This time I was virtually alone on this long wide road in the dappled sunlight...the sounds of a rugby match come from virtually each home as I walked past.
Much later, I enjoyed brief but rather flirty chat with some cops who pulled up in their van next to me (as i was in macro grass, bum-in-the-air mode) to inquire if the car parked down the road was mine.
And then another delightful encounter. This time with the rather refined old dame whom I'd waved to earlier as I walked past a retirement home. As I walked back to my car she called me over. She said she'd been watching me with great delight. In five minutes she'd managed to tell me her life story....and posed gracefully for her portrait.
I've promised to visit her with a few prints in exchange for a cup of tea.

World is crazier and more of it than we think,
Incorrigibly plural.

the youtube bit


Jocelyn said...

I must admit I have not done the bum-in-the-air thing. I reckon I'd fall over if I tried. These are lovely shots, Lee. Makes me think of lazy summer days, slight breeze in the air, ice cold lemonade and, for some reason, hammocks in the backyard.

You're really knocking this on the head. I specially love the green window and the irises.

Litchi said...

Thanks J : )
I almost did fall over when the cop van pulled up. I'll bet they laughed themselves silly when they pulled away!!

Val said...

Stunning pics!!! Sounds like it was fun and such a charming one of the sweet old lady!! :)