side with the seeds

Other than a few blurry bottles in a picture somewhere below you'd be hard pressed to find any evidence that it was the Diemersfontein Wine Festival I visited today. But I figured there had been enough pics of people knocking back alcoholic beverages and clutching glasses in the last few months. It might start giving people the wrong idea about me.
 So here are some other things that caught my eye. Actually, it was a bugger trying to get the light settings right as the sun was intense, it was midday, and the sun/shade bits clashed everywhere. 
Also, it was bloody difficult sipping wine with one hand while holding my camera in the other. The upside to that is that I don't have a headache...eish, some of those wines were heavvyyy for a stinking hot day in the Boland. 
Colour themes were red, pink and green.
Actually, in the end, the wine (and the swanky crowd) were totally upstaged by the glorious surroundings. Trees glowed luminescent greens and roses and geraniums fell about in raucous colours.
I wish I'd had the place all to myself.

The Youtube bit


Jocelyn said...

Fuck me. Your photos are always so stunning. The colours bright and strong.

Wrong idea about you? You just need to post more in between weekends so that your posts don't always talk about vino! Mind you, I haven't poured myself a glass of wine in a very long time and seeing your post and photos now make me want to pop open a new bottle.

Litchi said...

Thanks for your very generous praise my sistah, but let me let you in on the intense colour secret.....I was trying to capture a look that I saw on someone's photo blog and they said they tweaked the saturation. Like, a lot. But in a complicated Nikon way. She later posted that the Rebel's landscape setting does a pretty good job at a similar thing. So all these pics were shot with landscape. I didn't do anything in Lightroom other than crop and lighten a few.

We're livin' and learnin', doll. Isn't it fun? :-P

Give me three weeks and then I'll be shooting (and hopefully posting)till the cows come home.

Jocelyn said...

Argh, I always forget to hit the email comments button so I only read your reply now.

So that's why you asked if I used landscape. Hmm, neat tip, let me try that sometime. Problem is I usually shoo indoors which means the flash fires automatically.

Wanna do a photo assignment/bloggy thingy with me during the holidays?

Litchi said...

....a photo assignment/bloggy thingy....,

Absolutely! Whatever the hell that means