Let it all hang out

What do you get when you take a bunch of teachers wine tasting at the end of a rough term?
A slow, inexorable slide (well, maybe not so slow) into drunken debauchery. Well, maybe not too debaucherous, (spell check says there's no such word but you know what I mean) ...but drunken slide into something.....
...Silliness. And comradery.... and the sense of  freedom that drinking five half glasses of champagne in quick succession (with nougat chasers) can bring.

If anyone finds themselves near the JC LeRoux Estate with some time on their hands, a craving for sweets and the desire to get really pissed really quickly, go for the champagne and nougat tasting.

Names and faces are blurred to protect the innocents they teach. And because I might not have had the steadiest hand at the time.
Somewhere in Stellenbosch. 
This shot was taken from inside the hired van we used for the day. I'm amazed that any pics post champagne guzzling tasting came out, quite frankly.  We went on to do another wine farm and had lunch at some stage but the memory's a bit of a blur at this point.
It rained a bit. We ate. We drank some more.
And suddenly all the dramas and politics and clusterfucks of the term faded into insignificance.
We were bathed in the glow of achievement and sheer gratitude that we had made it out alive.

what teachers make

ETA- After working on this bloody code for the last three hours and exceeding my geek quota for the day I give up. How the hell do I get that godawful blue in the title post to GO AWAY?!!! J- do you know? The little bugger is sitting embedded in a wad of CSS that I actually thought I understood but is now total gobbledegeek. *sigh*
That colour is killing me.
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Jocelyn said...

One needs to see the CSS to figure it out. Notice that your 'kites are fun' title is in a brighter blue shade. The others are sort of teal. You're using custom layout right? Honestly I haven't had time to fiddle with the CSS on here so I'm stuck with the boring layouts they offer.

The wine tasting sounds like something I would do. The photos turned out really well considering *grins*. Such character esp the last one with three of your colleague I presume? Who knew that 6 half glasses of champagne are THAT potent! LOL!

Litchi said...

It's because I tweaked it in the first place.

*rolls up sleeves*

I shall now go through the code, container by bloody container, 'till I get it right.

The wine tasting sounds like something I would do.
Lol. It's great for team building...or something. ;-P

Litchi said...

Ok...three hours later and I've fixed it.
Where's that geek smiley when I need him? B-)

Val said...

Lovely post! Had me grinning!! :)