The boys are back

Boys are back ..the Youtube bit.

So. What have I done during my little week off?
Not much, actually.
I bought a quilt that I'd actually love to be able to make myself. Making my own quilt is on my bucket list. No bungee jumping or climbing Kilimanjaro for me, no sirree....a lovely big quilt. Made from bits of old and much-loved clothing, just like the Quakers did. Or still do.

And while sitting on said quilt I have squeeled and chortled and clapped my hands with glee at the return of ALL my beloved boys....that's right. I have watched a shitload of TV this week. 

Dean and Sam!!!!!!*squeee*
 Chuck!!!!!!! *gah*

Eric (Coach)Taylor (and Tami!)whoohoo!!
 Ned!!!!! *sigh*
 McDreamy! *woot*
Denny!!!!! *slurp*
Wait, isn't he dead? Ewww!
Woops...my inner fangirl just got out. But that's OK every now and then, isn't it? She'll soon be replaced by someone who has to plan a workshop introducing the IEDP (oh, if you really want to know...Individual Education Development Plan) to a jaundiced staff. 
Let her have her moment, please.


Val said...

Awesome!!! Just luv your boys!!! And definitely ... you deserve the lull before the storm! The moment is yours ... for as long as you like!! :) (Or whenever feasible!)

Jocelyn said...

Show us a full photo of the quilt! That bit looks interesting.

Wait....did you forget Michael and Linc? If you must know, I have not been able to find a download site for PB so no spoilers please.

Chuck! OMG I miss him so much.

I'm waiting for SPN Ep3 to finish but OMG, we need to squee about hose boys together. Has CC seen them yet?

Denny is dead ... and so is Papa John but who cares huh? He is deelish!

I need to catch up on Ned as I slipped during the last few eps.

And I just found out that I get Friday Night Lights on cable so hopefully I will see some of it soon.

ISP was on the blink the past two days so I'm catching up just now.

Litchi said...

Lol- I should have mentioned that I spent the whole week downloading television. Shhhh, don't tell.
And did you notice I actully capped all those myself? Never thought I'd do that again.

Ah yes...Michael and Linc *blush*...what can I say? I haven't even watched the last two episodes. I thought of adding them but my heart wasn't in it. They're trying to resurrect the series (some would say successfully) but the magic's lost. For me anyway. Don't let that discourage you though. I know CC's still watching.
And yes. She's watched SPN.*g*

I'm pissed that the SPN Youtube link isn't working for me. 'Not available in your country' it says. WTF?

PS- You must watch Friday Night Lights! But from SE1, if you can.