gone tomorrow

It's week two on Flora Bowley's e-course and my nails and kitchen counter look like shit but I'm having a blast! Colour is my crack and painting in this free and intuitive way is some kind of awesome high. Sometimes I wish things could move along faster but I know actually, during a school week,(when I really should be worrying about assessments) this is perfect for me. Each day, I log in to hear some thoughts on intuition and creativity or a do creative project, and twice a week videos with Flora showing the next step with another layer to add to my rapidly evolving canvases.
 She's warned us not get get too attached to the canvas as it's going to change a whole lot more. So I took a look, snapped the pic... and it will probably not be around next Tuesday.

Gone Tomorrow - Lambchop (Mr M)-2012

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Val said...

Oh wow! Love it already. The colours just pop especially the pink. Fabulous - can't wait to see next week. Have fun!!