eggnog...and fake staches

Hell, it's been a while. I refuse to feel bloggers' guilt though. It was a crap fourth term and I just couldn't put aside the Kindle or Sam's quilt to think up a post.
But it is good to be back. ;-P

So the other day we found ourselves (my little family and I ) once again clutching Christmas ornaments in one hand and a glass of Cyril's famous eggnog in the other.

Eggnog Day is shaping up to be, dare I say it, more fun than Christmas Day itself. It helps that we're drenched in good holiday cheer and three sheets to the wind by the time the pretty tree is all decked out. This year, I tried a noggstache-themed shoot inspired by this one from Tara Whitney's blog. 
God, I adore these family portraits and am dying to try something similar but those fake mustaches aren't in stock anymore apparently. Boo.
While it was tons of fun taking big sloppy sips (again and again) of the lethal eggy concoction we just couldn't build up impressive enough mustaches. Not thick enough.
Still, I think these capture the ...spirit of the evening quite nicely.

 Cheers everyone!


Sam said...

What a wonderful set of pictures! Very festive - and nice to see you amongst them! ;)

Sorry my quilt has been taking up so much time :(

But I still can't wait to see it!

Litchi said...

Hey, don't feel bad!!!! What I really meant to say is that reading and sewing was just about all I could manage in the last couple of months.
Sewing is very zen.
Blogging is not. ;-P

Val said...

Great fun! :)

Meredith said...

Its a great tradition!

Charleen said...

Merry Christmas to you all. Great pics. Glad to see I wasn't the only one having a mad term. Bought myself an iPad so also enjoying the Kindle experience. Have a good holiday. x