Day 9- sensory overload

Five am Lake Louise photoshoot.....f#@*ing thrilling.
Glacier walk...f#@*ing freezing.
 Lunch at a horse ranch. ..f#@*ing scrumptious. Steaks to die for.
Twenty minute helicopter flight over glaciers and pine trees the size of paintbrushes....f#@*ing awesome!!!!
Two black bears (honeymooners, apparently) nonchalantly munching dandelions alongside the road....the cherry on top of an unbelievable day.
People, save every bloody rand, cent, penny...whatever, and get yourself on a Rocky Mountaineer tour. We're nearing the end of ours and will be heading for Calgary tomorrow ...after another cable car (gondola) and helicopter ride. I'm trying not to let the prospect of driving on the wrong side of the road freak me out too much...I've been able to get the feel of it (as much as one can sitting on a tour bus) and I'm pretty sure it can't be more hairy than sitting NEXT TO THE PILOT in the front of the helicopter!!!!! What a rush.

It'll be so sad to say goodbye to this gorgeous country.

Cheers for now, eh? 

PS- still no mountie.


Charleen said...

Sounds like you're having such a good trip. Loving the pics. x

Anonymous said...

The pics just keep getting better :)


Jocelyn said...

Never known you to swear so much, Lee! You must be having one effing legendary time up there! The pics are priceless but I'm sure the best ones will come once you're back home. Save some CF card space for the Mounties - they might be up in Calgary.

Lol said...

ooooeeee, didn't realise you were spittingthepips while you holiday!! Got lots to catch up on! Looks absolutely fabulous and you two lovely ladies looking like you are having such fun. xxx