kindle love

I have one!!!!!

I love my Kindle and its quaint literary screensavers

I love that I can read it anywhere....
in a box, with a fox
on the loo, stiring stew..

Ja, I know, you can do that with a book too, but I have been reading ebooks
on my PC for well over a year now and I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to be mobile again.

The adorable GelaSkin cover I bought for the back.
There's one for the front too but I like it white for now.

Now I can get the kitchen cupboards fixed.
And buy a stove.
And think about getting another car.
No more gadgets, I swear!


Grizzly Bear & Michael McDonald - 'While you wait for the others'


Charleen said...

Have fun with your new toy. Oh the joy of birthday bonuses.
I've tried watching the DVD's you gave me, but no luck. Cx

Jocelyn said...

You lucky thing. How do you buy the ebooks then? Is it much like an iPod? What's on your reading list then?

Val said...

How did I miss this entry? Bea told me about it now! Nice capture of the Kindle. How clear the covers came out! Enjoy!!!!

Litchi said...

Ack- sorry about the late reply!Things have been H.E.C.T.I.C.

@ Charleen- bummer about the DVD's! You have to try and catch Friday Night Lights at a Dvd rental place- or the UK equivalent of Netflix. Season four has just started and it remains one of the best shows on TV- evah!

@Jocelyn- well, ideally, you can buy your eBooks while using the Kindle's wireless capabilities- it just gets zapped straight through to the device. Or you can buy your eBook through any site (and there are tons)- only thing is you might have to reformat the file but that's pretty quick and easy to do. Or there are tons of free ebooks available so you don't have to hand over any cash at all!! Not that I'm stingy or anything. ;-P
I haven't been able to put it down which is slightly problematic 'cause I still have a ton of school things to do.

@ Bea chatting to Val- helloo! *waves*

Charleen said...

Hi, got some advice from a friend and downloaded VLC media player and it worked, so I've started watching. Not sure what I think yet, will give it a few episodes before I decide. Cx