be careful out there

So what do you do when you get to the end of a week in which one of your pupils has been raped and has to undergo examinations by doctors and police and starts a month's course of antiretrovirals which are said to make a person extremely ill; your neighbour kills himself by standing in front of a train (arms crossed on his chest, apparently) and another pupil tells you that her neighbours, including her bff, died in a fire in their flat?  A fire that was started in some bizarre attempt to exorcise evil spirits.....

You pour yourself a very big glass of wine, light some candles and then you set your iPod shuffle to the Loud & Angry Music playlist.


Just as well there are some good news stories out there.
Like a certain couple who's honeymoon in Meeru is not on the rocks. Phew! ;-P

And another couple (shhhhhh) who are going to have a baby!

Look after yourselves, people.

Seriously weird youtube vid to one of my all time favourite angry songs.
Calexico's 'Black Heart'


Anonymous said...

Whoa :( Sorry dude. What a bunch of utterly shit things to have to hear about/ deal with! Just when you think your life is in the crapper, some poor sod has it so much worse. Sterkte bru!

That poor girl. I don't even want to know how young she is. And the guy on the railway? That wasn't outside your house was it...?


Litchi said...

Thanks Sam...ja, the girl is ten. :(

I must say, Patch were amazing...they were at school within 30min of reporting it and took over from then. I'm very impressed. They've arrested the guy so lets just hope that our justice system can be equally efficient.

Oh...and the guy on the railway? No. He went a bit further down the track.

Jocelyn said...

The hairs on my arms stood on end as I read this entry. with two daughters, I hate hate hate hearing about young girls getting raped. I shut my brain down when it tries to veer into the possibility of it happening to my girls. Ick! That poor girl will be scarred for life, I hope she had a great support system.

Life cannot possibly be THAT bad for that guy to stand in front of a train.

So, who's preggers? Minnie? :))

Litchi said...

She will be forever changed but I see a resilience there that I hope will carry her through this. Her mom is nursing in Dubai and will only be told when she comes home in December but there is a good support system around her.
Minnie preggers!? Heh.
Not sayin' ;-D

Jocelyn said...

OMG! I feel for her Mom. And she is here huh?

When are you visiting btw?

OMG, you're pregnant! LMAO!

Litchi said...

Yeah. Riiight. Har bloody har.....*eyeroll* ;-P

Yep- the mom is in your neck of the woods...can you imagine how she's going to react when she finds they've kept it from her?

Jocelyn said...

I know that if it were me I would want them to tell me right away. And then I'm on the next flight out to the kids. I'd drop everything for them and would want to be there to comfort them. And kick the daylights out of whoever harmed them!

Btw, I have spots in my photos, not the lenses since I cleaned them. What could it be?

Litchi said...

Exactly : (

Spots? Oh dear, dust on the sensor maybe?
Sounds like you need to run the dust removal system. I did it over a year ago and it worked like a bomb. It sort of maps the dust on the sensor and then deletes it?
Time to get the manual out sistah.

Val said...

Not a good week then! Poor kid - hopes she comes through her ordeal. Bastard!! And I agree, her Mom should be told. I would be totally livid to find out so late!!!!!!!
Aaanyrate ... weekend's here, so relax. And at least the loser's son has a wonderful, caring person to talk to each day.

Val said...

Suddenly recognised the photo!! Just love all the typically Kalk Bay signs along the road!! :)

stevemeri said...

Oh my gosh, I din't know things could get any worse! Pour another glass of wine...

Charleen said...

What a week! So sorry to hear about all the sadness. Hope you have a good weekend.
Sending you a big hug.

Litchi said...

Thanks everyone- in a very selfish way I'm glad I'm on the periphery of all these tragedies.
Two glasses? Hell yes!!!! Lol

Charleen said...

Happy, happy! Hope you're having a great birthday weekend.

Jocelyn said...

Oooh, someone's been fooling around in Photoshop. Love the banner. Keep it there!

Litchi said...

Thanks J...I loved doing it, you know? It felt really, really good PSsing around after so long.
Like riding a bike. ;-P