They're spreading blankets...

They're spreading blankets on the beach...the Youtube bit. 'Cause it was playing on the iPod while I was taking these pics and it seemed the perfect song for the perfect spring day in Cape Town.

How to fly a kite.

It's best if there's someone there to help you get started.

You have to trust the breeze and be brave enough to let go.
Keep looking up.

Hold on tight.

Play with the string....know when to ease up on things every now and then.

Feel free to run

and dance
and smile.

Don't forget to smile. 
Note to self.
Do not ever. Ever.
Leave telephoto lens at home.

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Jocelyn said...

The 50mm does have its charms. These are lovely photos, Lee. With all the movement I think it's best you had the smaller lens.

I love the first photo the best.

Anonymous said...

The picture of the young girl on the swing is just adorable

Bea in Australia

Litchi said...

Thanks Bea!
Makes you wish you could go for a little swing again, doesn't it?